The Best Skincare Serums for Oily Skin

Posted on August 31 2021

oily skin


Lets' first try to understand why we get oily skin: sebum is a fatty substance our skin and hair naturally produces to keep skin moisturized and hair shiny. Oily skin happens when the glands which produce sebum become overactive and produce too much sebum. There are several reasons why sebaceous glands are overly productive: our location, the season, and surprise – using the wrong skincare routine.

We all have different skin types and figuring out what is good for our unique skin can be a challenge. Just because something is labelled as a product for oily or dry skin doesn't necessarily mean that the product will help your skin or make you feel good. If a product dries out your skin, gives you a matte finish you don't like, or over hydrates, then it's not for you, no matter what the label is telling you.

At Restoor we want to end the difficulty of finding the perfect serums for oily skin. We have created a natural and effective serum for oily skin that is easy to apply and only makes one step in your skincare routine instead of many. We offer a range of silky-smooth serums for oily skin, as well as serums for dry skin to help your skin look and feel its absolute best.

One of our top picks is our vitamin C serum. This vitamin is famous for regulating oil production thus making skin look radiant.  

Another great option for oily skin is our vitamin-enhanced moisturizer. We have chosen our favorite vitamins and put them into one creation with many benefits.

Our final suggestion is the pore restore serum. This creation reinforces the skin's natural barrier and is a great combination of an anti-aging product and serum for oily skin.

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