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Peptide Hyaluronic-Acid Serum with Jade Facial-Roller Duo


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$60 Value

This Combo includes 1 Tone and Texture Rejuvenation Hyaluronic-Acid Serum and 1 Jade Facial-Roller with Gua Sha Stone Set


Jade Facial-Rollers work to tone up facial muscles, increase circulation, stimulate detoxification by lymphatic drainage and aid absorption of your skin care. Using one of these on a daily basis will soon leave your face feeling firmer, smoother and looking clearer, while also working on eliminating the appearance of under-eye puffiness and dark circles. 

Facial Gua-Sha Stones
Gua-Sha Stones are an important natural technique that increases the health and vitality of skin as a way of restoring youthful glow, contouring and lifting, smoothing, de-congesting, de-puffing, and brightening the skin.


Tone and Texture Rejuvenation Peptide Hyaluronic-Acid Serum
Energize your skin & balance the appearance of uneven skin tones and discoloration with this luxurious anti-aging serum. Tone and Texture Peptide Hyaluronic-Acid Serum acts as a moisturizer and has many restorative benefits that help reduce the appearance wrinkles while promoting smoother and softer skin. Grape Seed Extract and Hyaluronic-Acid in skin care application is designed to help keep your skin healthy & reverse the signs of aging.


Attaching video below on how to use your Gua Sha Stone.